Part Time Associate Job Advert

The LDC has been contacted regarding the following Associate advert:




Part time associate position available from April 2016 on Tuesdays 09.00-17.00 hrs and Fridays 09.00-12.30.


2000 UDAs available.


Friendly supportive team  with surgery fully computerised, digital xrays, sirona chair, one wave rotary system. 


Part time private hygienist available in practice.


For further information please email or contact practice on 01633 259091

Please note: This job advert is for information and is a service only. This email does not infer that the LDC endorses or recommends any jobs or employers. The job adverts distributed by the LDC are the responsibility of the  advertiser. The LDC does not accept any responsibility for content or inaccuracies as supplied by the advertiser.




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